Eye Power Training Master Course 2nd edition (Installment-Payment)

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Ever wanted to learn how to judge? Wonder what judges look for? What to be a better dancer or Teacher?

Chuck Brown’s Judging Master Course is a professional course designed to teach you the skills necessary to become a certified West Coast Swing judge and/or to facilitate your continuing judging education.

* This course will not guarantee that you are hired as a professional judge; however, upon successful completion of this course, your name will be included on a certified judged list that will be sent out to all event directors and chief judges.

Key Features

  • Online Learning Environment
  • Over 25 hours of Class Training
  • Guest Subject Matter Speakers
  • Student Group Discussion Page
  • Designed for All Levels
  • Weekly Classes and Recordings
  • Tons of Practicing using Mock Judging and Scoring Review
  • Access to Mock Judging and Review at Major Events
  • Quizzes and Final Exam
  • Certificate and Certified Judges List Send to Event Directors