Eye Power Training Master Course 2nd edition (One-Time-Payment)




Ever wanted to learn how to judge? Wonder what judges look for? What to be a better dancer or Teacher?

Chuck Brown’s Judging Master Course is a professional course designed to teach you the skills necessary to become a certified West Coast Swing judge and/or to facilitate your continuing judging education.

* This course will not guarantee that you are hired as a professional judge; however, upon successful completion of this course, your name will be included on a certified judged list that will be sent out to all event directors and chief judges.

Key Features

  • Online Learning Environment
  • 8 Months of Training (minimum of 40 hours)
  • Guest “Subject Matter” Speakers
  • Attend Live Meetings or Recorded Sessions on Your Own Time
  • Theory and Practical Training
  • Tons of Discussions and Q&A Sessions
  • Video Examples and Exercises
  • Tons of Practicing using Mock Judging and Scoring Review
  • Access to Mock Judging and Review at Major Events
  • Quizzes, Final Exam, and Actual Mock Judging Requirement for Completion
  • Included on Chuck’s International Certified Judges List – Send to Event Directors
  • Certificate Awarded

Who is this Class For:

  • New and Experienced Judges
  • Advanced/All-Stars/New Pros (Highly Encouraged to Enroll)
  • All Competitors Wanting an Edge in Competitions
  • Teachers/Coaches/Instructors
  • Designed for All Dance Levels
  • All Dancers Wanting to Understand What Judges Look For and Why
  • Increase Your Overall Dance Knowledge and Education

Learning the information on what and how to judge is one thing, it’s even more important to practice! Students will be practicing their skills a lot using mock judging. You will also be able to mock judge, in a real live situation, at any event where I am the Head Judge.

We will be practicing using both paper and automated scoring methods.